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We offer an innovative and unique product that makes our plaques stand out. Our products are made of a 100% solid light-absorbing resin, not just a coating, ensuring a vibrant glow that lasts.


Our plaques are designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. Each one is 4.6" (119 mm) high x 4.6" (119 mm) wide x 0.28" (7.2 mm) thick. And, they can be drilled for additional placement options.

Whether you need plaques, letters, or numbers for your business, home, or any other application, our products are the perfect solution. Our light-absorbing resin captures light energy during the day and glows brilliantly at night, making your designs easy to see in any lighting condition.

So don't settle for ordinary, boring designs that blend into the background. Choose our solid light-absorbing resin products and...


Glow-in-the-Dark Lion Head

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